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Prestashop 1.6.4 Backend Errors When Using Ssl


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After searching for hours for a solution, I decided to ask for your help!


4 issues appeared after activating SSL:


1/When editing a product, I cannot save because the save buttons are deactivated and show a spinner icon. When SSL is turned OFF, the save buttons appear after a few seconds as expected. the WYSIWYG buttons are also missing.


Console: Uncaught ReferenceError: tb_pathToImage is not defined [in jquery.thickbox.js]


2/ when editing a CMS page, the page content input field is hidden. The label "page content" is visible but the source shows that the input has a inline style "visibility:hidden". the WYSIWYG buttons are missing too. 


3/ the dashboard does not load any data. All tables are shown but no live data gets loaded. There are loads of spinners rotating indefinitely.


The console says:

Uncaught ReferenceError: dashboard_ajax_url is not defined [in dashboard.js] 

4/ I had some front end issues which I "fixed" by activating smart cache for javascript.
All issues only exist when using https. [EDIT prestashop version =]
Many thanks for your help,
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Turned out it was one of the speed features from Cloudflare which was causing all of my JS errors.

"Rocket loader" feature which is meant to improve load time for pages that include JavaScript can break JS code, especially when JQUERY is used.

This has been a very lonely conversation but I hope it helps someone.

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