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Rounded Price Problem Prestashop


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Hi, i'm having problems with rounded prices, speciafically any of the new six types of round mode seem to work.

For example i have these product prices


a)510,00  b)490,00  c)410,01  this with the first round mode

a)510,00  b)490,00  c)410,01  this with the second round mode

a)510,00  b)490,00  c)410,01  this with the third round mode

a)510,00  b)490,00  c)410,01  this with the fourth round mode

a)510,00  b)490,01  c)410,01  this with the fitfh round mode

a)509,99  b)490,00  c)410,00  this with the sixth round mode



LIke you can see none of these round mode work in my case, and there is a lot of product that have prices in this way.


Someone have any suggestion to solve this?


it would be fantastic to have a round mode like this:


52,01 --> 52,00

52,04 --> 52,00

52,05 --> 52,10

52,09 --> 52,10


In this way there will be no price like 509,99.

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I have the same problem


 What I do now is import the price including tax in stead of witout tax (ignore that column) in this way products show the nice price. (and still shows tax on the invoice)


Now the problem is shifted to attributes, now the impact on price is not rounded, resulting in €19.99 and €20.01 prices when customer chooses to buy greater volume.


So it is not solved, but for us happens for less products and it is not so in your face.


But clearly the rounding of itemprices to €2,00 €2,05 and €1,95 is hard to find or am I missing something here?

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Say I have a price defined as 4.464286 in Prestashop, there's a 12 % VAT on that and with two decimals it adds up to 4,9952 but with four it comes to 4,999904 and all I want it to be is 5.


Seems like Prestashop only sends two decimals to the payment provider. So instead of 4,4642 (or 4,4643) it sends 4,4600 (actually two decimals that looks like four but really isn't).

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