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Prestashop Cached Css And Ressources


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The Prestashop caching of CSS and JS files has been an issue for quite sometimes reguarding SEO.


To summerize, when the CCC option is activated in prestashop, the system creates dynamic cached and compressed files. The problem is that those are frequently deleted and replaced with new files with new names. The result is that when Search Engines crawl the website, they keep in their archives pages with a reference to CSS and JS files that are going to be deleted and will return an error eventualy.


Because of that, the cached version of the pages in Google display the content without CSS because Google doesn't keep it in memory.


I tought i read in some changelog that this had been fixed but the problem is the present on my shop and i had to disable CSS. Is it because my theme is not compatible, is the fix still in developpment or did i dream the whole thing ?



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