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Feedback On Webshop


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Hi Mette,


The design is great and for me it looks like very well optimized.

One thing I'd add is on checkout page to remove the menu so the users can remain focused on filling the form.


About conversion rate optimization, I can help you with our services from www.vibetrace.com:

- collect email address, or show message on the intent of exit;

- send lifecycle emails, based on customer behaviour.

- send personalized emails with products for each user.

- give vouchers to 


Do you do this kind of things onsite? Want to try some?


I also built a prestashop module, which helps with all the integration so you don't need to do anything.

If you are interested, just send me a PM or email us at hello vibetrace com

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Move the menu elements on the left side or align them perfectly in the middle. Remove the search bar of the menu (you have it also above on the left side).

CSS issues. Close to the footer there is an ugly white gap on the fb page. And this element with the right one have a slight difference in height.




Fix the CSS of the newsletter and the social media (or the parent element which is the footer)

Remove PrestaShop link from the bottom of the footer (or edit it to show your own link/text)

Konstantinos A. Kogkalidis - Greek Ambassador

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I have feedback regarding the payment logo images as per attach image on below link not align properly and alignment change require in footer of page for social media icons and newsletter box.



@2014 need to update with current year @2017 in footer of page.

PrestaShop Tutorials Videos [How to do Tasks]





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