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Emoji Support In Product Descriptions

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I want to put emoji symbols in the short description of some of my products. If I put the HTML code in the field, it displays nicely, but when I save the product, everything is saved until the emoji character. After the place it should be, the text is finished. 


If I put the code straight away in the database, it shows ok in the webpage, but if I have to enter back to the product page it saves it again without the text and the symbol. 


What part of the code would I need to change to make the admin panel to store the emoji in the database correctly? 



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It is possible to include it like this &#x1F609 (this is a wink smiley, see others: https://emojipedia.org/). This is tested in

Now for the product description i did not manage to get it saved. It violates the validation; this is defined in Validate::isCatalogName($name). 

     * Check for product or category name validity
     * @param string $name Product or category name to validate
     * @return bool Validity is ok or not
    public static function isCatalogName($name)
        return preg_match(Tools::cleanNonUnicodeSupport('/^[^<>;=#{}]*$/u'), $name);

As you can see it has the "^[#]" regex, which means that # is not allowed. If you insert an emoji right away, the wysiwyg editor will convert it into "& #x something" again.

So unless you want to override this function (which i do not recommend), this will not be possible.

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I have found out that some emojis are supported by Prestashop v1.7 in meta title or description. I haven't done any extensive reserach, but emojis from Unicode standard version 1.1 are supported. List of emojis: https://emojipedia.org/unicode-1.1/

It would be great if Prestashop team added supprt for other emojis too as Google supports them in SERP and it is nice thing for SEO...

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