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Prestashop Addons Appear Twice Everywhere


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I am facing a weird problem with a prestashop with the theme Supershop by Kutethemes.

On attached screenshots, you may notice that many addons are appearing twice (or more sometimes): top navigation links, languages and currencies on Home ; information links and filters block on any Category page.

I activated debug mode. They are all about the theme and its addons. There were some debug mode warnings in the front end on category page and on product page but it is fixed (a Category Slider addon and a size chart addon were not installed, I installed them, and now the warnings disappeared.)

The tags on the product page are also messed up, including some I added to this product but also tags from other categories of products... I don't know if that is related or not.

I did not add any other addons than the ones provided, I did not edit the code, and I just filled the website with data (products, text, images...) and edited many configs and settings to suit my needs... I don't see what I did wrong. If someone could point me out what is going on, that would be really appreciated because I am begining to feel desperate !

Screenshot1: home = http://i.stack.imgur.com/eHHSF.jpg


Screenshot2: category page = http://i.stack.imgur.com/vQbUS.jpg


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