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Prestashop Different Price By Currency Paypal Error. Bug?


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we found a wrong behaviour of prestashop + paypal  v3.10.2 


In our shop we have

- 2 languages, it and en-us

- 3 currency - Eur, $ and Pound

- different price per product by currency.


So example one product has as price

- Euro 100

- $ 200

- £ 300


If I go to to checkout with $ currency or with $ currency I see everything correct.

I choose Paypal as payment method and...voilà the price come back in Euro but not as converted price. Paypal show me the original price in Euro so customer is paying 100 Euro instead 200$ or 300£


In the meantime to fix this problem we found around line

122 of paypal/express_checkout/process.php this

$currency_module = $this->getCurrency((int)$this->context->cart->id_currency);

And we modified this to

$currency_module = $cart_currency;

In this way it seems to get both correct currency and correct price.


Did anyone experiencing the same issue?



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