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Incorrect Discount Is Calculated On The Goods Contained In The Combination


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Prestashopu is an error that manifests itself in all versions starting with version

The latest version, which went to the right, is
Error Description: Incorrect discount is calculated on the goods contained in the combination.
An example:
Customer group VIP-10 has a 10% discount.
Product is available as:
1 piece - Price € 100
1 box = 6 pcs - € 600
If you sign a customer who has a discount of 10%, then at the price of one piece sees € 90 (which is correct), but with carton price € 590. Apparently not deductible 10% from the prices of other items. Interestingly, if you deposit box (with a value of € 590) in shopping cart, then when payment of the cash register is correct price: € 540
The carton is designed as a combination, where the price is raised by € 500 - for a total of 100 + 500 = 600th Discount applies only to the € 100, € 500 but the discount does not apply ...
Can you please advise me to help?
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