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Google Sitemap Doesn't Work Returns 404 Error


I have browsed the various topics and solutions on the problems with the native google sitemap generator and have not as yet found any solutions for the problem i am experiencing.


When I Go to the Google Sitemap module and select generate sitemap it reverts to a 404 page not found after approximately 15 seconds, it does this with or without the option to include pictures. I have around 4000 products.


Please can anyone provide a workable solution or should i rather go the route of using a third party sitemap generator?


I thank you in advance.


J.P Kemp


ITISZA Pty (Ltd)


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It has been increased to 128 from 30 M still same issue

It does the same thing when i try to regenerate images


Please please please can anyone help

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if your sitemap generation process does not work, please try this:


close cache at performance page

than try the sitemap generator again.


When I experience sitemap problem I have solved by using this method

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