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Some Customers Dont Receive Order Confirmation (And Other Order Updates)


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I have a problem with my backoffice. I have experienced that some customers does not get any order confirmation (and any other order updates), when they have made a purchase on my shop.


I use the Warehouse theme, but their support says that my issue is not theme-related.


I guess the problem is related to the fact that some customers do not get directly linked to the order in backoffice. (attached I have made a pic, to try to explain the issue. The black boxes in the pic shows the orders which did not receive any order information)


Prestashop version: PrestaShop™


URL: www.jewelier.dk


I appreciate your help, and really hope you can identify any problems on my shop.



Thank you in advance.


Best Regards

Lars Marco

  We will answer as soon as possible.


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