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Pdf Pagebreaks In Prestashop 1.6


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I've been searching for hours but can't seem to find the right answer..


We have created our own pdf invoices, but encounter 1 problem.. PageBreaks.

On large order the footer and content overlap - so the page break is too late.


Can someone please provide me the right solution?

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Thanks, I have already been doing that but can't seem to figure it out.


   public function writePage()
        $this->setMargins(10, 45, 10, );
        $this->writeHTML($this->content, true, false, true, false, '');
Increasing Footer margin just makes the footer come up.
In the SetMargins i have no idea how to set the bottom margin.
I tried (10,45,10,150) but the 4th one doesn't seem to show up anywhere.
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Sorry, I'm perhaps wrong. This method looks:


Defines the left, top and right margins.
     * @param $left (float) Left margin.
     * @param $top (float) Top margin.
     * @param $right (float) Right margin. Default value is the left one.
     * @param $keepmargins (boolean) if true overwrites the default page margins
     * @public
     * @since 1.0
     * @see SetLeftMargin(), SetTopMargin(), SetRightMargin(), SetAutoPageBreak()
public function SetMargins($left, $top, $right=-1, $keepmargins=false) {


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