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Hi Team,


Product page is becoming unresponsive while trying to save any product information. And it is taking almost 73seconds to save.


Unable to add 'Attachments' In product page is not working.


After upgrade to I have enabled the debug profile and php error on. No error in back-office. How to solve this issues.


On product edit endless "Spinning Save Button" on PS after upgrades the ps version and not updating the features values in back office and unable add the attachment in back-office.

PHP version 5.5.29
Memory limit 1024M
Max execution time 60

Please let me know how to solve this issues.



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I don't know what exactly was causing my issue, but my save buttons would never stop spinning so saving was not possible at all. I found a few threads and did as suggested. It did nothing. I still could not save anything. I went back in to my back office and clicked Advanced Parameters-->Performance and in the debug section I set both 'disable non prestashop modules' and 'disable all overrides' to NO and it works now. Still a little slower than I would like, but much better than it was in the previous version I had. Hope maybe this will help someone.


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Hi all

i have duplicated a site (www.dealstoday.co.za) from another older site (www.procape.co.za) that has been running for over 2 years now. The Procape site has no problems with the Save Spinning.

The new site - Deals Today, has this problem, i have tried all the fixes out there, but still the problem persists.
i am truly out of options, i have seen that someone said to delete and recreate the Categories, but i have 1500 products on the site, which means i would have to go through each product and re-categorize them, which is a serious mission.

If anybody finds a Solution for this that works, please share it, since i have reinstalled the site, reinstalled the Sql Database, but nothing is changing.

i have Prestashop installed.

Thank you in advance

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Hi there, I noticed this problem since it was updated from to, it started doing this with endless spinning of the save and stay buttons


ive installed a test on a brand new server, half way through loading products to 200 items, it started again. this is 


Ive moved server last week and its also doing it, so i dont think its the host. as before i had 12000 max vat input and still did it

my website is www.glamorhair.co.za


something is also very wrong with the cashe, it takes forever to load. 

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