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Custom Email; Including Shipping Address


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Dear reader,


Not sure if I should place this question here, please move it if this isn't the correct forum section.


My question/problem:

I would like to have a email send out to the customer (with shipping address) when I change the status.

The problem I have is that I want to include the shipping address in it,

I can't get this to work. I've tried the following variables:









Should I add something to OrderHistory.php of am I just using the wrong codes?


Thank you for you answer,



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thanks for your reply!

I found what you where pointing at (row 80), should I edit this file or make an override?


One more question. What should I add to get the address output?

I would like the following:


{address} = street + number






Will this work?

'{address1}' => $customer->address1,

'{postcode}' => $customer->postcode,

'{city}' => $customer->city,

'{country}' => $customer->id_country,

'{phone}' => $customer->phone,

'{phone_mobile}' => $customer->phone_mobile



I`m trying to create an email which is sent out if a customer has provided a incomplete address.

So I`m guessing it should take the customer id?

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