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Aviability Status On Product Page


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Please help. 
Why there is not shown aviabilty status "This product is no longer in stock" when i leave  ordering possible to empty?

post-442283-0-73279400-1452452427_thumb.jpg https://goo.gl/photos/KYQtyAAxweTMeWPQA


This status will shown only when i mark ordering possible  and from WHEN out of stock - deny orders.


post-442283-0-76935800-1452452426_thumb.jpg https://goo.gl/photos/hdYJmxU6tkzWZTTP7


when i wont disable orders from When out of stock - just leave information sector orders possible empty, then this status This product is no longer in stock  wont shown 
https://goo.gl/photos/kasXRGSMztfJJLbu9 post-442283-0-90914700-1452452947_thumb.jpg


How i can change WHEN out of stock deny ordering in import csv?  https://goo.gl/photos/7dASTA3NCThkFbuu6
post-442283-0-90354500-1452452511_thumb.jpg What i have to put this value on csv? 0 , 1, or 2 values don't work  - tryed - no changes. 


Or how i can show aviablity status "This product is no longer in stock " if i have choosen empty value in product information page - ordering denied?  (first photo)


Thank you for help

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