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[Webservice] Display Filter Not Working


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Hallo everyone.

I'm using webservice and facing this problem.

I can't display categories field using the display filter.


Is there a way to do that?





Suppose $id contains an existing product id.

Suppose $webService is a correct instance of a working PrestaShopWebservice class.

This code returns Bad Request because of the ending "categories". Without, it works well.

$opt = [
  'resource' => 'products',
  //'display' => 'full',
  'display' => '[id_shop_default,reference,name,description,price,weight,categories]',
  'filter[id]' => $id,

$xml = $webService->get( $opt );

Thank you




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Out of now, turns out I haven't yet found a way to display a limited set of fields.


On the other side, I found another way to accomplish my task.




On the $xml result you will have a "products" tag, containing a list of "product" tags.


Hopefully, if you manage to fetch at least one record, this code 

$product = $xml->products->product[0]; // SimpleXMLElement

you can use unset to remove the fields you won't need.



Angelo Maragna

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