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Hello, I have a problem that I can not solve. I need to populate a table created by me on the prestashop database at the time that a user register. The fact is that I can not do and however much we seek, I not found nothing in google or prestashop forums. I wonder which is the file that records a user and add in that function or method to my table records.

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are you doing this via your own module?  if so, just hook into actionCustomerAccountAdd, and do whatever you need to do there.  if not, you want to look at the AuthController.php, but that would mean editing a core file which is not advisable.

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Thanks for answering.

I have not explained well. I'm developing an app and I must fill a table with additional information to the customer record, that is, while you register, fill in the table using the customer id.

new user -> fill out the registration form -> prestashop does what it has already done once or after inserting the user, populate the table.


Do not use any own or foreign module to do this.

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After much testing, I have risked and have modified the function add() of class customer and have added the lines to create the records to the table that desire using:

if ($ success) {
     Db :: getInstance () -> execute ("INSERT INTO table (FIELDS) VALUES (VALUES);

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