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Need Someone To Help Edit Size Selection Section

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hello i would like to ask if  anybody here could help me with my prestashop 


i wish to change section Size selection  i can pay for help 



below 2 pictures   first what i wish to have    second what i actually have,


Thank you very much for any help 


post-1166231-0-43101100-1452169105_thumb.jpg   - I want to have 


post-1166231-0-13044200-1452169026_thumb.jpg  - i have actually 


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What about change the attribute type of your product attribute?


I mean there is 3 types :


1 - drop down list

2 - radios buttons

3 - color or texture


Try change by color / texture, then you need to create each texture for each size, but you ll not have the "in stock"


Maybe there is another solution, but i'm not a pro :P

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