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All Supplier Info In Head Of Delivery-Slip


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Hi there, im pulling my hair now for 2 days to figure this out. Reading a lot of threads without success. I want ALL supplier Info in the HEAD of my delivery-slip.


I managed to read all the info for EACH product by changing/putting following code in /classes/order/OrderInvoice.php:

foreach ($products as $row)
            // Change qty if selected
            if ($selectedQty)
                $row['product_quantity'] = 0;
                foreach ($selectedProducts as $key => $id_product)
                    if ($row['id_order_detail'] == $id_product)
                        $row['product_quantity'] = (int)($selectedQty[$key]);
                if (!$row['product_quantity'])

            $this->setProductCustomizedDatas($row, $customized_datas);            

            // Add information for virtual product
            if ($row['download_hash'] && !empty($row['download_hash']))
                $row['filename'] = ProductDownload::getFilenameFromIdProduct((int)$row['product_id']);
                // Get the display filename
                $row['display_filename'] = ProductDownload::getFilenameFromFilename($row['filename']);
            $row['id_address_delivery'] = $order->id_address_delivery;                    

            $supplier = new Supplier($row['id_supplier']);    
            $row['supplier_name'] = $supplier->name;
            $id_address = Address::getAddressIdBySupplierId($row['id_supplier']);
            $supplier_address_object = Address::initialize($id_address);

            $row['supplier_address1'] = $supplier_address_object->address1;
            $row['supplier_address2'] = $supplier_address_object->address2;
            $row['supplier_postcode'] = $supplier_address_object->postcode;
            $row['supplier_city'] = $supplier_address_object->city;
            $row['supplier_country'] = $supplier_address_object->country;
            $row['supplier_phone'] = $supplier_address_object->phone;
            $row['supplier_phone_mobile'] = $supplier_address_object->phone_mobile;

            /* Stock product */
            $resultArray[(int)$row['id_order_detail']] = $row;

        if ($customized_datas)
            Product::addCustomizationPrice($resultArray, $customized_datas);

        return $resultArray;

i can use all the $row variables 




in delivery-slip.tpl AFTER or IN the foreach. But i need to use this info in The HEAD (before the foreach) of the pdf.

{foreach $order_details as $product}
        {cycle values='#FFF,#F2F2F2' assign=bgcolor}
        <tr style="line-height:6px;background-color:{$bgcolor};">

            <td style="width: 5%">{counter}</td>
            <td style="width: 32%">{$product.product_name}</td>    
            <td style="width: 10%">{$product.weight}</td>
            <td style="width: 12%">{$product.tares}</td>
            <td style="width: 13%">{$product.supplier_country}</td>
            <td style="width: 5%">{$product.product_quantity}</td>
            <td style="width: 10%">{$product.wholesale_price}</td>
            <td style="width: 13%">{$product.gesamtpreis}</td>


Actually i only need the supplier-data of ONE product for the HEAD Information (in my shop a whole order always will be supplied by one supplier).


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.






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