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Return Products - Subtract/discount Amount Of Refunded Money?


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As we sell electronics, we get a lot of returns. As by law, we are required to refund the client his money within 14 days without questions when he returns the product.


This works fine by using the BO function "Return Products" - a proper order slip is created etc.


But (of course there is a but  :) ) in some cases, e.g. when the packaging is missing or the product is damaged we can subtract a certain amount (say 5€ or 10%) of the refunded money. Such a function is kind of available via "Partial Refund" (there you can enter the desired amount to be refunded) though only allowing me to create a voucher for store credit (and nof order slip PDF is generated what we would need).


Is there an easy way to "combine" those functions? E.G. make the tick box "Create Credit Slip" available also for the "Partial Refund", not only for "Return Products"?


Or do I have to go all the way and code a new extra field in the BO screen where to enter the amount to be subtracted?  :(


Thanks for any hint! (And I am surprised that apparently I am the first to have such issue...)

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