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prestashop acl?


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Have you had a look at the Employees tab? In the Profiles section, you can create different groups of employees and in the Permissions section, you can set which tabs and sections the employees have access to. Then you just edit each employee and assign a profile to each of them.

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No, buyers don't have access to any of the Back Office tabs. I don't understand what kind of access you want to control for them. You can go edit a customer on the Customers tab and change the Status to X to prevent them logging in.

The database tables are ps_access, ps_employee and ps_profile.

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Thanks again for your fast answer!

I want to give them *custom* access control, that would be used in *custom* views. So, i guess we'll have to develop it all by ourselves.

Thanks for enlightening me about PrestaShop's architecture.

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