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Products Not Shown Under Some Categories

Fred Fournier

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don't know if this is a bug or another kind of matter instead:

products are not displayed under two particular categories, the first is a huge sub-category and the second is one of its sub-category. When you select one of these categories you will find that the product count on the right side is correct but products are not listed below. If you surf through its sub-categories you will be able to see all the items.

We really can't explain such a big issue. It all happened suddenly, when we were working on a little percentage of items from said categories of which we changed geolocation.


Main category:


Sub-category with the same issue:





Thanks for any help,




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It appears to be solved. From the back-office, I've tried to disable that said categories then re-enable them again. It worked, no one knows why, and no one would have thought of such a silly remedy, I think.

Last mystery: the product's counter of the biggest category said that there were about 729 items, now it says 659 (which seems the right amount, provided that some ID weren't magically deleted in the process).


Thanks anyway, I will keep you updated if there will be any news.



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