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[Free Module] Qrcode Module

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Using the automatically generated QR codes from your products URLs, you can allow your customers to access your products without using large and complex urls. You can use the generated QR codes linked to your shop in any other site.

This module generated QR codes automatically, with no complex configurations or installation. You’ll have automatic QR codes even if you have thousands of products.

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I had some other module like this before. It's a good idea, nevertheless not what Google welcomes due to heavy duty load on images.... what is a special problem of QRcodes on internet sites. QRcode is better for print devices (folders, brochures. etc...) than for online pages

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I installed it, it works.

But then I thought, who would use this?

The visitor is already on the page, why and how would they scan the QR Code that takes them to the page they are already on?


Sidenote: I use QRCodes in my print promotions; postcards, posters, signs on windows, etc.

(Not many people scan the QRCodes.)

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