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Accessing variable from HOOK file


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I am having trouble with the following issue... in the main.tpl template file, I have the following code:

{assign var="promoText" value='Summary'}

Then in the promo.tpl file, which contains all the code for HOOK_PROMO, I try to access and display the $promoText variable as follows:


The problem is that the promo.tpl hook file cannot access the $promoText variable declared in the main.tpl template file. Any idea how I can make the $promoText file available inside the HOOK_PROMO include file in PrestaShop?

Many thanks!
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This is the reason why I dislike Smarty and other templating systems. Why force the programmer to learn a whole new scripting language to code, when PHP is quite adequate as a scripting language? If I could use PHP code directly inside the templates, then this issue would be moot.

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You're doing it the wrong way. If you want to call a TPL from another TPL file and pass in a variable, you should use code like the following:

{include file='promo.tpl' promoText='Summary'}

By the way, you can use PHP code in a TPL file. Just use the {php} tag. See here for more information.

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