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[Help] Cannot Install The Prestashop On Localhost Xampp On Mac

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 I downloaded the latest version of PrestaShop, then put it in the htdocs.





Then I get the url localhost/prestashop. It shows the install folder: http://localhost/prestashop/install.

But the installation doesn't appear as the installation guide of prestashop.com.




When I try to access the wordpress: localhost/wordpress. It shows the installation normally.


What's wrong with my steps?

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OMG, after an hour traveling around the forum, I finally find the reasons and the solution of my problem.


1. Find this file: $_PATH\config\defines.inc.php

Open this defines.inc.php file, modify line 29:


define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);


define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);




It will show the problem on the webpage. In my situation, The webpage is blank, actually It has error as follow:




2. Find this file: $_PATH\classes\PrestaShopAutoload.php

Open the PrestaShopAutoload.php file, modify line 168 (in my situation):


Tools::error_log('Cannot write temporary file '.$filename_tmp);


//Tools::error_log('Cannot write temporary file '.$filename_tmp);




Then, the installation now shows itself normally.






I don't know what happen to this problem, maybe PrestaShop should fix this problem.

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Recursive write permissions for Apache user


Solution for that problem when installing the PrestaShop:



1. You need to know what user/groups using in apache server:

Open Terminal


APACHE_USER=$(ps axho user,comm|grep -E "httpd|apache"|uniq|grep -v "root"|awk 'END {if ($1) print $1}')




It shows the apache user: for example: admin


$ APACHE_GROUP=$(ps axho group,comm|grep -E "httpd|apache"|uniq|grep -v "root"|awk 'END {if ($1) print $1}')




It shows the apache group: for example: admin


2. Access to your prestashop project, for example:


$ cd /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/prestashop/


$ sudo chown -R admin:admin *


Now the problem is solved.


You can now continuing your installation.

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Hello!! i had the same problem but now im stuck in the terminal stepts, for some reason my terminal dont detects the $ command :/ what can i do?

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