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Upgrading Your Forums

Sylvain CM




In the coming weeks, following some reorganization in the community language forums, I will update the international / English sections.


Here is the proposal; it's in its late form so it's pretty much final at this moment. I have used feedbacks from the community language forums in order to have a better and cleaner structure :


Community Help and Support

- PrestaShop Download:

-- Installing PrestaShop for the first time

-- Upgrading PrestaShop from a previous version

-- Configuring and using PrestaShop


- PrestaShop Cloud:

-- Getting started with my cloud based store

-- Adapting and improving my cloud based store


- Prestashop Addons:

-- Addons News

-- Looking for a module!

-- Native partners modules (ebay, paypal, etc.)


- PrestaShop Beta

-- 1.6.0.x archive

-- 1.6.1.x

-- 1.7.0.x



News & Announcements

- PrestaShop News and Releases

- PrestaShop Blogs : Your Comments

- PrestaShop Meetups



International forums in English

- General topics


- PrestaShop Merchants

-- SEO

-- Feedback on my store

-- Job offers


- PrestaShop Developers

-- Core developers

-- Addons developers

-- Bug reports


- Taxes, laws and translations


- Community Modules and Themes

-- Free Modules and Themes

-- Paid Modules and Themes



Please note that every message will be kept: forums will be moved and / or rename, that's all. The main idea is to have big clusters easier to apprehend. For example at the moment, PrestaShop Cloud is not in the same category as PrestaShop Download support, nor Addons website with Native partners modules. That's weird :D


I won't hide you that one of my goal is to have more people posting in the correct sections of community support when they are in trouble and not in the first forum they can, aka Ecommerce x Prestashop (which by the way will become the General section of the international community).


What do you think of that ?




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No at all! What I'm saying is all the current forum are still here.


Having a better visibility of Community support and help means general questions about installing, configuring or upgrading PrestaShop will go to their respective forums. 


There is one general section in the International forum for all questions that don't fit others categories.


The map may be misleading, let me explain it better :


Community Help and News  -> big category, renaming "Technical forum"

- PrestaShop Download: -> category

-- Installing PrestaShop for the first time -> subforum

-- Upgrading PrestaShop from a previous version -> subforum

-- Configuring and using PrestaShop -> subforum

Do you fell better now?
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I've updated the original post with some modification :

- Community Support and Help is now #1 in the list

- Adding a "Looking for a module!" section in PrestaShop, this idea came from the French : a forum to ask for a module or theme.

- Adding a PrestaShop Blogs section to discuss the articles posted on PrestaShop blogs.

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It is nice to remake forum sections. Again. Why not?


I still think there are more options how to improve the forum. Some examples:


- index/searching is regularly not working

- some supervisors are "too free" (commercial offers are sometimes the only right answer, so why to remove them in this case?)

- additional post fields (PrestaShop version, my shop URL) would be very helpful



- SPAM - is there a problem to check posts for keywords? Hints: 91, love, divorce

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I am working too on this 4 points in the back :)


- index / searching, I am investigating an version upgrade for the forum

- moderation rules, I've made some improvement and others are in the way

- additional post field are also coming, altough I haven't thought of those (but now I am)

- and fighting the spam is always my priority (a version upgrade can help too).

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can you do something about the spam?  I'd like to be helpful, but if I have to spend the first 30 minutes deleting 400 [spam-filter]er posts and what I can only assume are "buy something amazing from china" posts it kinds saps my strength to post anything useful after that.

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