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Block Layered Generates 404-Pages

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I have a problem with the Block Layered module. When filtering in a category (e.g. a brand name) my urls looks like this: 




In my Google Webmaster Tools I have a lot of 404-pages because Google apparently removes the # from the url so it is indexed as mywebsite.dk/kaffekvaerne/brand-baratza. This means we have about 1400 404-pages caused by this module.


I have searched for a solution but haven't found any - can any of you guys help me? :)

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i excluded the filter from being indexed by google, but also when i remove the # in the url i come on the correct page.


When you have generated a good sitemap it should be not nescesary (in my opinion) to index the filters by google.


You can exclude it in the module.

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