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Custom Field Integration - Price Split

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is there any way to add additional price info / column to this ecommerce platform? 


Let me explain what i need. A customer come to my website with e-literature (simply ebooks but not only). He/She can buy it in a three different pricing options ( e.g. 5$, 10$, and 15$). But before checkout should appear a slider/input, which will pass to database (and be visible in plugin sales dashboard) what percentage of the product value/price will be dedicated to the store owner as store owner fee. so if somebody will decide to give me 50%, in the dashboard i will see column (owner 2.5$ and column author 2.5$). Payment stay as it is - everything goes to me as store owner, and i will send money to the author without involving ecommerce system. In other worlds - i need an extension for creating custom fields in the prestashop and integrating them with it.

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