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[Paypal Usa] 8 Or More Items In Cart = No Payment Method Is Available For Use At This Time


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  • Presta & Presta (clean install)
  • PayPal USA, Canada 1.3.9 (PayPal Payments Advanced)
  • Advanced stock managment enabled with two warehouses
  • Multistore - each store has it's own warehouse
  • About 3k products (some with 0% tax and some with NY tax rate about 8%)
  • Guest checkout disabled
  • One page checkout enabled
  • Templatemonster Theme
  • Two carriers available for Customers group
  • Free shipping from $100



I'm looking for any help with "No payment method is available for use at this time" error. Every time 8 items are added to cart PayPal Advanced iframe disappears. Removing one item or adding $0.01 (or higher) voucher will bring it back.


I have no idea what is happening.


If you have any solution, please post it here.

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