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Gtmetrix Specify Image Dimension Shows Homepage Link


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I am working on reducing my website's page load time and am currently stuck with GTmetrix's "Specify image dimensions" recommendation. It shows a list of image links along with the dimensions so those are okay, but one of the image links is a link to my homepage, without any image source or dimension specified.


An attachment is included but here is a snippet of the report from GTmetrix -

- Specify image dimensions

      The following image(s) are missing width and/or height attributes.


I also tested my site on dareboost.com and one of my ten slowest resources show the homepage link as well (load time 2949ms) on top of the all the images on the homepage.


I have used Inspect Element on my homepage to check all images and menu buttons to see if they link to my homepage but found none.  


I have also checked all .tpl files related to the homepage in my backend to see if there are links to my homepage but found none.


Has anyone encountered this problem before or have any suggestions what I should look into?


Thank you very much for your time. 



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You have an empty img tag:

<div class="click-desk-tool-tip1" style="padding-left:75px!important;">
    <a class="cd-eye-catcher" onclick="return false;" style="margin: 0px auto; width: auto; height: auto; top: 0px; padding-top: 7px; line-height: 0em !important; position: relative !important; text-align: center !important; display: none; background: none !important;">
        <img src="">
        <span id="clickdesk_close_eye_catcher_image" onclick="CLICKDESK_CHAT_WINDOW_UI.hide_eye_catcher(event);return false;">x</span>
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I would probably just ignore it, assuming that that empty image tag is updated by javascript at some point. The tester you use probably doesn't recognize that and sees it as a problem... I would just skip that one and follow-up on the others.


Good luck

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Interestingly when I tried another livechat widget called Jivochat, there is no empty tag when the livechat agent is online, but reappears when  the agent is offline. Despite the empty img tag, GTmetrix doesn't give me the "Specify image dimension" error anymore.  

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