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Sitemap Now Working, Could Not Generate Sitemap


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I would like to generate a sitemap for my store. It contains about 60 k products, so size does matter :D

After I make the proper configuration in the module and click generate sitemap, the module shows that it is loading, after about 5 minutes I get an error that the site is offline ( I have cloudflare activated ).:




My shop is www.redmall.ro


Can anyone help me, what should I do ?

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Same here,


11600 products, server is set to higheest timeout, added more memory, nothing helps.

after some time the complete xml generation just crash.

I hope this can be solved, since it's not strange to have so much products.


in my old prestashop 1.3, this was not a problem at all.. there I generated the xml every week over and over.


anybody that know's how to solve it?


i use this module on latest prestashop 1.6 : 


Google-sitemap v3.2.0 - door PrestaShop
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I had the same problem, tried all different version, turning off the cache etc.

all did not work, until I noticed that this file 1_index_sitemap.xml was the problem in the root

I think it either tries to delete it or override it and it fails and it keeps waiting for it until it times out.

When I deleted this file it worked like a charm.

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