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Using renderView() in a custom module admin controller

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I am a presta newbie and I have the following question. I have already asked this in an existent topic, but am afraid of everybody think that is an answer. Is this the proper way to display something under a back-office modul. I have already tried the hookdisplaySomething method too.

So I created a custom module with custom controller, then  under Administration->Menus I created a new admin menu with the new module and controller. After that I created a test template file under "modules/szilveszterfirst/views/templates/admin/szilveszter_first/helpers/view/test.tpl". Everything works fine, except the renderView function, the template file is loaded(I printed out the result), but in the admin page doesn't show anything. Is there any prerequisite, that I didn't do? e.g. the template should contain something special(actually contains a few html tags for test sake)?


The following question is also the same, but is not answered. http://stackoverflow.com/q/28948166/3604337

class AdminSzilveszterFirstController extends ModuleAdminController {

public function __construct() {
$this->lang = false;

public function initContent(){
$this-> renderView();
return parent::initContent();
public function renderView() {
$this->base_tpl_view = 'test.tpl';
return parent::renderView();

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