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Create Order from Mobile API

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Dear Prestashop team,


Kindly I want to know the best practice to create an order using the rest API to use on mobile. I have in my mind two solutions to do that:


1- Following the work flow of the saving of order and check which tables in the database are affected and then use these tables to add a new order

2- I have checked the core code of Prestashop and found that there is a function save for orders, is this function the exact function to add the whole procedure from add to cart till reaching the payment gateway url?


Please i appreciate if you can guide me to select the best practical solution in order to do so.


Thank you in advance,

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I would create something custom, following these steps:
1- create a cart with the products, using the parameters you send over

2- send over some identifier for the payment method

3- instantiate the payment module, and call ValidateOrder to create a new one

You would just need a bridge file that your mobile app can call using POST

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