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Order sync - imports random orders with wrong product


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When I first set up the ebay module it imported several OLD orders from ebay - ones which had nothing to do with prestashop and had been shipped a week previously


Now random orders show up in the shop sometimes


These orders have ebay item details, such as price and customer address - but describe a random prestashop product in the title, reference and picture...


At the moment with only a couple of items synced with ebay its easy to work out they are not real orders from the store but this module will become unusable when I start making more sales!



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One of the reason of mix products from orders it PS cache for order import.
If in one synchronization/call imported more that one order, data can be mix up.
Please try to remove cache after each order import.
Open file classes/PaymentModule.php

Find lines

// For each package, generate an order
$delivery_option_list = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOptionList();
$package_list = $this->context->cart->getPackageList();
$cart_delivery_option = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOption();

Replace with

// For each package, generate an order
$delivery_option_list = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOptionList(null, true);
$package_list = $this->context->cart->getPackageList(true);
$cart_delivery_option = $this->context->cart->getDeliveryOption(null, false, false);

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Unfortunately this did not work completely - I just got a new order come through for an ebay item not for sale on prestashop and assigned to a random shop product.


I say not completely because out of 50 ebay orders since your suggestion only this one ebay order has paired with a prestashop product, so it seems to have helped a little


A couple more items have come through mixed up but I can see this is something to do with an orphaned ebay listing and not exactly the same problem

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