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create a category links page


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I want to create a page that lists the categories, with an icon and description of the category.
I thought this would be simple, but I can't seem to find a way of doing this.

Does anyone have any advice where to start? Have I just missed a simple module that will help with this?
Is this something I could do in the CMS, or would I need to start from scratch with php/tpl files?




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I'm interested in this as well.
How can i implement this type of layout into my website's homepage and have it switch languages.

I want category links and content of these category blocks to change as you switch between languages. And I'm not sure how to implement that.

What is the way to customize JUST the HOME page.?

p.s. What is the code to link to a particular category or a page so that it will change with language switching? Is it done through smarty or php function to get category/page url?


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not much help, but i would have a look @ categories.php

if you load it via your website and set the category id to one, it should call the home category

for example


this will show all the categories under the home category, but no sub categories,

suggest you rename copy category.php to anotherfile and play with it

sorry could not be more help

their were a couple of modules around that displayed the categories on the home page

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