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hack on whole domain / hosting .. through Presta


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Hi my name is Pavol and at first my english will be not so good to read .. so I am sorry for that.

I have more years of experience with Presta as user and module developer but this should be new for me and I hope someone will help me with this.

Today I came to work and page i am working on was down. And not only page but all emails aliases and what was strange hosting admin page also.

So I started digging and hosting provider told me that they really dont know yet but it came through PrestaShop.

Presta was never online .. it has some more things to work on but only content at this point. Coding and designing is over(hope so :))

I am starting this post today .. but I will get data and screenshots and logs tomorrow. So I will post them of course. 


domain : modern-trade-systems.at

hosting admin system : Parallels Plest 11.0

PrestaShop :


when something else is needed write me please.

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thank you for your answer

I will try upgrade Presta to 16014 and then apply the Security patch module. Hope everything goes well because I have done some changes.


One more time thank you :)

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sorry for late response. But there was no time to letting you know.

Now it is OK and this is the way how i got there :) :


At first i have to inform you it is multi store (4 stores precisely)

1. backup (db, files)

2. run the backup on localhost

3. 1-click Update to latest version

- admin OK

- site NO GO

- i´ve done some changes to code (Tools.php) so pasting my changes made the site GO .. but category pages "js_def"

4. so i´ve made new localhost page

5. 1-click Update to (because my original was patch

6. same problem as with latest version

7. thinking proces : "why everything else goes except category pages" (product pages normal too)

8. looking at my changelog file

9. only one diference was that my category pages are + category video

10. deleting this part of code category pages GO = everything goes :)

11. so i had to re-thing my code to use video for category and now everything is OK


For curiosity this was the problem part : 


<source type="video/mp4" src="{$link->getCatVideoLink($category->link_rewrite, $category->id, 'category_default')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}">


I was calling my function getCatVideoLink and in it was the problem. So it is very helpful to write changelog file of all code changes. It is maybe little more time but then when something is wrong it is big help.


good hints (this helped me to better track what is going on):

1. removing all presta smarty cache (like allways) until is all OK

2. removing browser cahe (or something like inkognito mode(chrome))

3. regenerating .htaccess (when you done som changes to code like me touching paths)

4. with multi store : clicking js at the bottom (for example) on "all shops" doesn´t work .. i had to click every shop and change the settings (maybe it is so :) i don´t know)


so now the latest version is running and everything is OK :)

thank you Sylvain for pointing me the right direction.

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