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Different Payment Processors by Country

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Is is possible to use a localization function to select a payment processor.  We use a different payment processor for the US and Canadian markets respectively and would like to be able to continue this through a single store so that customer dont get hit with high credit card exchange and foreign transaction fees.


Any ideas on an add-on or process to do this within one store, or do we have to go multi-store?

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OK, super, found that.  I may still have a problem, though, we actually don't have a different processor, we use Paypal in both countries for our credit card processing, just different accounts.  So we're not seeing the ability to set up two instances of the Paypal module with different logins/api keys, etc.  Anyone got any ideas?

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Just for my understanding: It is possible having different payment methods, based on the customers address. e.g:


For USA you have: a, b, c

For Brazil you have: b, d, e and

For Europe you have: b and f


This is possible, right ? Thanks.

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Using one Paypal account (for both credit card processing and Paypal payments directly) and we send the currency ID with the value to be charged.  Paypal then deposits funds into either our Canadian or US dollar balances, depending on which currency the customer has paid with.

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