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Restrict carrier availability for a product using web service


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Hi all,

It seems strange, but as far as I see there is no way to set the carrier availability restriction for a product via web service of PS 1.6

(I am talking about what is stored in the ps_product_carrier table)


It is not under api/products, not under api/carriers


Any idea?

Thank you,

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One year later since this post... same problem here.


I found no useful information about this problem, and the only way I found is to insert a register using a MySQL INSERT. It works, but when you delete the product, that register remains in the ps_product_carrier table. Not sure if it assigning the carrier from the ps_admin saves more information in another table, I guess it doesn't...


Now I tried to assign a carrier from ps_admin to a previously created product, and I had the same problem when deleting the product. It deletes the product, but it keeps the register in the ps_product_carrier table.


The webservice behaviour drives me crazy...

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