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How to Make a Copy of the Prestashop 1.6 Bank wire Module


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Just an update on the CSS side. I needed to make some changes in global.css to have the duplicated module display properly on the payment methods page.


Inserted the code in red 


p.payment_module a.banktransfer {
 background: url(../img/banktransfer.png) 15px 12px no-repeat #fbfbfb; }
    p.payment_module a.bankwire {
      background: url(../img/bankwire.png) 15px 12px no-repeat #fbfbfb; }
    p.payment_module a.cheque {
      background: url(../img/cheque.png) 15px 15px no-repeat #fbfbfb; }
    p.payment_module a.cash {
      background: url(../img/cash.png) 15px 15px no-repeat #fbfbfb; }
    p.payment_module a.cheque:after, p.payment_module a.bankwire:after, p.payment_module a.banktransfer:after, p.payment_module a.cash:after,     p.paypal:after {

Also dropped a 64 x 64 banktransfer.png image in mytheme/img


The part of the code in blue puts the grey arrow in the paypal payment block, although this is still not quite right. The arrow is not quite as bold and is a little too far to the right. Working on it.



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