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Issue while validating with PSR-2 on Prestashop Validator


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While validating my new module on Prestashop Validator, I am getting the following error in my main controller file (php file).

End of line character is invalid; expected "\n" but found "\r\n"

I have researched so much about it on the Internet but unable to find a solution for it. I am struck.


What should I do?

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In Notepad++, first go to View --> Show Symbol --> Show All Characters


All characters including spaces, tabs, and new lines (CR LF).


Hit Ctrl + H for "Find and Replace."


In "Find What," look for "\r\n"


Replace with "\n". 


Click "Replace All"


All CR's should now be removed and should fix the error.

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If you're using Notepad++ then it would easier to right-click on the "DOS/Windows" setting in the information area at the bottom (to the left of the current character set which should be UTF-8) and selecting "Unix/OSX Format" - then save.

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