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Dear all,

Im about to optimize my site: www.dinparfume.dk SEO wise.
I know google can take up til 160 charachters in the description.

So regarding category

I have tried to go to ps_category_lang in SQL and changed the meta_description to varchar(256) and changed the /classes/category.php to:

protected $fieldsSizeLang = array('name' => 64, 'link_rewrite' => 64, 'meta_title' => 128, 'meta_description' => 256, 'meta_description' => 256)

I have changed meta description now in the backend and it works and is saving, but when i go back i still makes the cutoff at 128 charachters??

WHY?? Pls help!!

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  • Make sure all your Meta description tags are unique for that you can use the tools to make your website optimized..

Use targeted, well researched keywords in your meta description tags, it can increase the click through rate of the page, because almost all the search engines embolds the keywords in meta description tags when it matches users search queries in search engine results.

Use meta description tags to add compelling and call to action description of the page.

Make sure you don’t exceed the limit of 160 characters including spaces otherwise search engines will truncate the rest of it in search results.

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I have the same problem with prestashop 8.1.1, I can't save the product because the meta title is longer than 70 characters and the meta description is longer than 160 characters, which files should I edit to increase this limit related to SEO? Thank you.

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