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Where does Prestashop lack in SEO?


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Hi Friends,


This is a thought which comes to my mind many times as we have been using Prestasop (1.4.9) for last 3 years and our organic traffic is stagnant for almost an year. For many keywords, we have managed to have reached till 2nd and 3rd page. And we are there on 1st page for very few selected words.


Many websites who are ahead of us on search results are built on Magento. And many articles on internet say that Magento is far better than Prestashop with respect to SEO. But no mention about how it is better. Would like to know if you have an answer for this?


Also it would be great if we can discuss on various parameters where Prestashop is lacking as of now so that we can fill those gaps.


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Hey Vin, Prestashop is a superior product in my opinion to Magento. If Magento are ahead in search, it could be a volume thing - there are more Mag sites than Presta sites.


However, I do think that Presta has struggled in the past with duplicate content issues - even today I read two posts by new users about this being a problem with their site.


I built my first Prestahop in 2009 I think, and it kicked butt in the search engines - and still does.

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SEO comes up but the conversation is lacking in visitor experience, meta this, keyword that...  Not about 'above the fold' content...there are a lot of aspects to this and performance is paramount.  We see with advent of 1.6 javascript load bottom..that was a great start and I've not seen other off the shelf solutions that didn't require  'special' code...For me anyway...making a better user experience is just as important if not more than what we generally think of as SEO.



Happy day

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Absolutely, El Patron. Your on page SEO,

  • Site Speed
  • Navigation
  • Internal Link Strategy
  • Usability
  • Design
  • Tim on Page

...Are all metrics Google uses to measure your sites value in search results. If your site is bloated, heavy, hard to navigate, illogical, etc, then it is going to suffer in the SERPS and it will have nothing to do with the platform it was built on.

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When doing dev. back for 1.5 pre  1.6 javascript bottom...I really got into this stuff...now I'm just tired...and never run a metrix against my module shop...cause it's to depressing...jajajaj  I dusted it off and provide link:




Google patented measuring above the fold...I've not seen a metrc site that measures  that....but that could have changed...


Best advice, sell something nobody else has, if you want free organics..cause at the end of the day...those search engines in it for stock holder value. lol


Also I found  keywords in 'Spanish' and other non-ango languages  much cheaper, for now.  Good luck you all.

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