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SEO - Duplicate page titles - Newbie!


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i have search for the answer to this so apologise if this has been answered before


I run version 1.61 default theme


I am new to all this and most certainly am not a programmer so go gently with me.


my SEO report shows i have 11 duplicate page titles. How do I remove these - I currently do my own SEO


my site is http://www.knoticalbutnice.co.uk


Please see attached





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suewright, I wouldn't worry about this, this is not something that will hurt your web site in any way. I too use SSL site wide and Google encourages that so you are correct using SSL.


The tool you are using seems to be following links that a billion dollar search engine would be smart enough not to follow.


All that said, your SSL certificate expired on September 30th and that is going to hurt you. You need to get your SSL cert renewed and replaced today. 

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