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How do I show the customers account password

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Every order is created as a customer account with a random created password.

Our review module forces customer to login to their account to bedste able to write a review.

Therefore i ned to show my customers their password for easy access. Otherwise i wont get any review.

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I would take a look at email password.html to see how it is done. I took a quick look and I see,

<span style="color:#333"><strong>E-mail address:</strong></span> {email}<br/>
<span style="color:#333"><strong>Password:</strong></span> {passwd}

So this {passwd} is the variable you need. I would try using that in your order_conf


Let me know if that gets you there.

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Yeah I gave it a try as well, here is the output.


E-mail address: [email protected]


So it did parse the email but not the passwd var. I guess is because the password is encrypted and the password email must call a routine to handle that. I can't help with that sorry. Hopefully someone else can finish this off with you. Good luck.

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