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SSL issue

Elaine Leung

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Google and Firefox labeled my website as unsecured even I have installed SSL as my SSL used SHA 1. I have changed the SSL with SHA 2. It makes no difference.  In the end I have to make SSL on all pages.  Google is ok now.  Firefox is still not happy with my website.


I was advised all resources need to be linked into the site using https. This includes any image, css or javescript files.  


I don't know how to do this.  Please help me and give me detail advice.


Thank you in advance!


Kind regards



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Thank you for reply.


What problem does that script gives?




From this link it said in all cases, when you use SSL, your image/stylesheets/javascripts references MUST begin with {$base_dir_ssl}.

I don't understand this instructions.


Can you or someone give me some advice.


Kind regards



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it depends how its that module written.


So first thing is to find that module in your root modules folder, 

name should contain google plus or blmodules. And then try to find tpl file

in that modules folder or in sub-folders like view/templates/hook.

Then open file in text editor and  see how that script tag is defined.

You can copy code here too.

And you probably do not need {base_dir_ssl} because it is not calling js file from your server but

from out side so it can be just 


so you can change it to


to remove that warning.

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