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Same google result with different title and description


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Hi! We have a site at http://wifi.tienda where we sell our WiFi devices and products.


I got something wrong on the title and description for a google query



If I search on google: "wifi tienda" I got this result wich is perfectly correct:

WiFiTienda by Infinitel - Wireless Profesional ...

WiFiTienda by Infinitel - Wireless Profesional - Distribuidores de Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, RF Elements, ...

But if I search on google: "wifi tienda online" I got the same url as a result (ok) but with a different title and different description (wrong!!), I don't have this content in my title or description metas, so I don't know why is taking my popup text as a result description
Wifi Tienda
Trustly establecerá una conexión segura con su banca online y podrá pagar con la máxima seguridad y de forma fácil sin abandonar su proceso de compra en ...
Anyone of you have any idea??
Thanks for your help!!


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It is not the first time I've seen this. Over the time, people stuff headers with keywords. However the content of the page does not always match with these keywords. So it happens more and more now. Google picks random words from the page to populate the title in the search engine result page. Therefore you should increase the SEO quality of the page against your keywords. Still there is no guarantee that Google will use your meta tags  :(  !

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If you alter one word in your search it can effect the result Google presents. It is trying to create a valid response for the searcher. Those words may not appear in your meta description but are they in:


  • The body of the page
  • Your image file names, titles or alt tags
  • Or in the footer of the page


One way to check is to look at the source code and do a search for those words.


One way yo can "help" Google to get it right is to bold a few key words or phrases that you would find acceptable if they appeared in a search result. Google will often use bold words as an indicator of the kind of content you are displaying.

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