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Problem with filters on orders list


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I'm having issues with my Prestashop ( when using filters on the orders module.


I need to find orders with a specific total amount. If I use the "Total" filter, no rows are returned although I see matching values when I have no filters applied. How can I fix this?


Please help!


Thanks in advance!


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I have the very same problem about filters and when I try to navigate through the pages in the orders list.


I've been looking in controllers/admin/AdminOrdersController.php and js/admin/orders.js to find out where the problem comes from, but so far I've no clue about what does what.


This problem shouldn't be left behind, it's crippling when you're trying to see a specific order.


However, dlobalzo, you can access your orders via the carts (in the clients submenu) as a partial and temporary solution.


The carts with green prices are validated (and so became orders).

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