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PayPal and customer information


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We started using Prestashop recently and so far we've had 3 orders. The first 2 were OK and the third has some problems:


- Order #3 is not visible in BO Orders page but it is visible if you view customer information. Payment went through.

- confirmation email contains no customer information (shipping, billing addresses)

- invoice generated has no customer information 


So why the first 2 orders were fine and third was weird?


My guess is that the customer reached checkout page,

1. clicked payment method PayPal



2. Skipped Login/Registration

3. Clicked Pay button



Which redirected them to PayPal.


So in Prestashop we have incomplete customer information acquired from PayPal (Address alias: Paypal_address), which is not enough, and even with that why isn't it properly used to create order entries and invoices etc.?


Our settings:

- Prestashop

- PayPal module version: 3.10.2 by Prestashop (we are UK based)

- PP settings: Website Payments Standard, Express Checkout shortcut: no, Use PayPal In Context Checkout: no, Use the PayPal Login functionality: no, Live mode, Direct Sales.


Are the dev team aware of these problems? I have seen some related posts in this forum but not sure if my problem is exactly the same.

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