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Need to implement a custom build feature but stuck once again.


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Dear community.

I am stuck once again and don't seem to find the correct thing.

The prestashop version is for the production area:

On the TEST area:


In the production area, (de-)activating a customer by the customer index table is neither working, which is a small concern I found out.


In the test version it is working and it's being triggered in
Method: toggleStatus()
Path: /classes/ObjectModel.php


My customisation is to accept people for just a defined amount of time and then lock their accounts.

An administrator has to unlock them again manually and on that point the account have a defined durabillity of login (in days).

I got that working with a custom table and such HOWEVER in the activation is broken NOR I can't find the activation in the advanced customer editing.


Could anyone help figure out which function is used for the activation of customers?

Any help is appreciated and will respond wheiter it works or not. 

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