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installing modules


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im new to prestashop but i have had someone else build my website. but now im trying to learn myself how to install modules.

can somebody please give me simple steps starting from downloading the module and what ever has to be done to upload it and then info on how to upload what files and put them where.

would appreciate it.


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You can upload modules using the Back Office or by using an FTP client.

Using the Back Office, go to the Modules tab, then click "Add a new module" at the top. Enter the URL of the module's ZIP or TAR file, or click Browse to upload it from your computer. Prestashop will then copy the module into your modules directory for you.

The other way is to extract the ZIP or TAR to the modules directory in the root of Prestashop on your local computer, then use an FTP client to upload the module's directory to your server.

Once you've done one of these, the module should appear on the Modules tab. Click "Install" next to the module to install it on your site and then click "Configure" to change the setting of the module.

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That means there is an error in the module probably caused because the module is not compatible with the latest version of Prestashop. You'll need to edit the module and fix the error before the module will work.

Check the original thread for the homefeaturedcarousel module. The author or other users may have provided a solution to make it compatible.

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