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[PS 1.6] Adapt email template "shipped.html" to add product link - Asking review

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Hey everyone,


I allow me to contact you directly in this section, as I made a topic on French section, I'm trying to post here to get help on a subject that could help more than one, i'm pretty sure !


This kind of topic has been already mentionned in several others posts, but it hasn't been solved totally, not at all or for previous PS versions.


Here's what i mean : 


When we receive an order and we deliver it we actualize the state at "Our for delivery". An automatic mail is sent to the customer showing the informations we know. The idea could be to avail of this message to ask to the customer to post a review of the product he ordered, in motivating him with a voucher available for a new order.


It could be like that : 



Hello {firstname} {lastname},
Your order is out for delivery. 
Your order with reference {order_name} is out for delivery.
Thanks for your purchase on {shop_name}!
Do no hesitate to add a review of our services and the product ordered in the section
 "Add a review" here {$product_link}.
Once the review filed, you win a voucher of 5% available for the entiere store.
Name of code : <strong>13B5TXB5</strong>.
You can access at any time to track your order and
download your invoice from the "Order history"
[history_url {}] of the "My Account"
[my_account_url {}] on our site
{shop_name} [{shop_url}] realized with
PrestaShop™ [http://www.prestashop.com/


Sorry for the translation of the file, i've got it in french, i translated it to make everyone understanding what is written. 


So this kind of automatic message could serve in winning a good review (Good for rich snippets, for exemple) and, maybe, to win another order from this customer. If he's happy of what he received, of course.


I actually saw several topics on that subject and saw that files like www/mail/fr/shipped.html or /www/controllers/admin/Adminorderscontroller or Payment, unfortunately, the message doesn't show any link of product, only this  {$product_link}.


And, idea of stopher on the french topic (here : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/471622-ps-16-modifier-template-email-shippedhtml-pour-lien-du-produit-demande-de-note/ ) : If a customer order 2 or 3 three products, is there a possibility to show the links of each products ?


Many thanks!


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